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  • Hong Kong Week 1969 Committee Organisations and Terms of Reference
    The paper listed the purpose, major events and the schedule of preparation by the Festival of Hong Kong Office. The first paragraph on the cover page stated that the Executive Council decided the title “Hong Kong Week” should be changed to “Festival of Hong Kong”.
  • Festival of Hong Kong, 1969
    This document was prepared by the Coordinator of the Festival of Hong Kong Office. It laid down the objectives of the Festival of Hong Kong, information about the office of the Festival of Hong Kong, activity categories, guidelines for working committees, and suggestions to the large scale activities and decorative installations by the steering committee. The file also contained members of the steering committee, preparatory committee and all other sub-committees of the festival.
  • The advice of Sales about Festival of HK (2)
    Mr A de O Sales spoke about leisure and cultural affairs and facilities at the Urban Council Meeting on January 6, 1970. His speech mentioned there was not enough large facilities in Kowloon to host activities for the Festival of HK.