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  • Festival Press Release: Festival of Hong Kong Talent Shows
    The Social Service Department and Shun Hing Electronic Trading Company co-organised 6 Talent Shows during the 1969 Festival. The overall champion would be awarded $5,000. Thepresentation ceremony was hosted by actress Nancy Sit.
  • Festival Press Release: Kowloon Peak Rally
    The 1969 Festival Press Release introduced the Kowloon Peak Rally held on 13 December. The 11-mile rally started and ended at Morse Park. A map of the competition is attached.
  • Festival Press Release: Harmony Between Chinese and Western Culture
    Mr. A. De O. Sales, Chairman of the Activities Committee of the Festival of Hong Kong 1969, talked about the carnival (Kowloon Grand Procession) as the climax to the week-long Festival of Hong Kong 1969. The theme of the parade was a mixture of things Chinese and Western and is based on the close harmony between the people from different countries who are making Hong Kong their home.
  • Festival Press Release: Kwangtung, Macao and Hong Kong Currency Exhibition
    The exhibition at City Hall, for the 1971 Festival, displayed coins and paper Money issued in Hong Kong, Macau and Kwangtung (Guangdong) Province, including the first banknote with the serial number of '0001' issued in the Imperial Bank of China, the first Chinese commercial bank.