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  • Festival Press Release: Marathon Dance at Central
    Shun Hing Electronic Trading Company promised to donate $10,000 to the Community Chest, for the 1969 Festival, if any Marathon dance couple could complete the full 10 hours of the marathon.
  • Festival Press Release: Youth Rally
    Hong Kong’s Youth Organisations co-organised a grand rally from 10 to 12 December at the Boundary Street Sports Ground, for the 1969 Festival.
  • Festival Press Release: Festival of Hong Kong Drama Competition
    The press release introduces the 1971 Festival Youth Drama Competition, jointly organised by the Peninsula Junior Chamber of Commerce, Ming Ten Youth Centre and the Hong Kong Council of Social Services. The rules for the competition were attached.
  • Festival Press Release: Student Rallies
    The Festival of Hong Kong 1971 organized many mass activities for students including the School Gala that had a cast of 7,500 students on Hong Kong Island, sports events and game rallies, etc.
  • Festival Press Release: Hong Kong’s Biggest-ever Careers Exhibition
    The Youth Employment Advisory Services of the Labour Department organised Hong Kong’s biggest-ever Careers Exhibition as a major feature of the 1973 Festival. Thirty participants showing Jobs in a wide range of spheres, covering industry, commerce and government, over 100 jobs were introduced.