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  • Programme of Events of the Hong Kong Week in 1967
    This booklet publicized the programme of events of the "Hong Kong Week", held between 30 October and 5 November, 1967. It also contained a name list of the members of the “Hong Kong Week Committee", the date, time, venue, entrance fee and sponsors of each event. There were also sketches of some floats in the booklet. “Hong Kong Week” was organized in 1967 jointly by the Federation of the Hong Kong Industries and Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Its original purpose was to promote Hong Kong industries, but then later on it became mass activities for the general public. “Hong Kong Week”was the predecessor of the Festival of Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong Week Report, 1967
    The 1967 Hong Kong Week was held from 30 October - 5 November, 1967. The report mentioned about the origin of “Hong Kong Week”; the composition of the organizing committee and the participating organizations; the programme of events, speeches by Governor Sir David Trench and Chairman of the “Hong Kong Week”Committee Sir Sik-nin Chau, and a financial report of the event.
  • Festival Press Release: Festival of Hong Kong Talent Shows
    The Social Service Department and Shun Hing Electronic Trading Company co-organised 6 Talent Shows during the 1969 Festival. The overall champion would be awarded $5,000. Thepresentation ceremony was hosted by actress Nancy Sit.