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Collection All Items Hong Kong Festival Promotion Documents
  • Hong Kong Gaily Decorated During Festival Week
    The Festival of HK Office Press Release talked about the various decorations and their locations for the 1969 Festival of HK. Chairman of the festival's Decoration Committee hoped that the society in general would celebrate the festival with different ways of decoration.
  • Festival of Hong Kong 1969: Plans for decorations
    Festival of HK 1969 Decoration Committee spoke about the purpose of the committee, information about its members, work, proposed budget, and the decorations for the festival and their locations.
  • Festival Press Release: Governor Tells Colony to Have a Good Time
    Speaking at the formal light-up of illuminations, the acting Governor, Sir Hugh Norman-Walker, thanked public-spirited citizens of all walks of life for contributing to the Festival of Hong Kong 1969. He also told people to have a good time.