Remembrance of the Avant-Garde: Archival Camera Collection
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About the Collection

Hong Kong Film Archive organised the thematic exhibition, Remembrance of the Avant-Garde: Archival Camera Collection Exhibition, from 11 July to 2 November 2014, showcasing 60 archival film cameras from the Archive's own collection, private collectors and equipment companies. The formats of these cameras range from Super 8mm, 8mm, to 16mm and 35mm; the production years can be dated back to the early 19th century and the production places Europe, USA, and Asia. Before the age of digital totality, these cameras were once toys of a handful of privileged individuals or used in professional film production. Therefore, they were, and still are precious to most common folk. The exhibition also introduced the mainstream camera brands from various countries, as well as the history of experimental filmmaking and equipment rental in Hong Kong during the 1950s to 1970s. Some of the active experimental filmmakers of Super 8mm in the 1970s were also interviewed to share with the audience the joy and hardship of pursuing their celluloid dreams. The exhibition aimed to promote film culture in the digital era by introducing cinematography to the audience from multiple angles.

This collection serves as a digital repository for the exhibition, featuring precious photos of archival cameras and historical materials with a view to preserving the Hong Kong film heritage.