Pope Paul VI visits Hong Kong

The pope’s jeep has just passed the broadcast station. Sitting on his left is Bishop Francis Hsu. The pope is waving to all the spectators and believers standing in the centre of Government Stadium. This is indeed an unprecedented scene. If you are watching this on television, the audio and visual are both provided by Radio Television Hong Kong. Today RTHK is not only serving the people of Hong Kong, but is also broadcasting to television and radio station all over the world. The pope is now standing up in the jeep, which is heading south past the spectator stand. I will now hand commentary over to Ms Wong Tak-yee.

I am going to describe to you what is happening inside the stadium. As Au Yeung Yee-tak mentioned earlier, the stadium is packed with people today. There are only 28,000 seats but we have 40,000 people in the stadium now. The pope is making a lap around the stadium. I will now describe to you what’s happening in the stadium. Over 2,000 boy scouts, girl guides as well as members of the St John Ambulance and the Road Safety Patrol are helping to maintain order in the stadium. Au Yeung Yee-tak has already described to you the scenes at the entrance. Let me talk about the altar. It is located in the centre of the pitch. On the side facing the main entrance, six steps, covered in red carpet, lead up to the six foot high altar. The altar covers an area of approximately 2,000 square feet. Both sides of the altar are decorated with alternate yellow and white floral arrangements. There is a table in the centre of the altar. It is covered with white cloth and has six flower-shaped candlesticks on it. I can see that the pope will be seated in a Chinese-style chair with his back facing the broadcast station.

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