Olympic torch arrives in Hong Kong

I can see Cheung Kin-man running down from the raised platform. He is holding the torch up high, and he is being greeted by the cheering crowd. He holds the torch up high, and the flame is producing a lot of smoke. He is now running west alongside City Hall, past the car park and the gate of the Memorial Garden to the west. He is running towards us now. Hong Kong’s “flying fish” is out of the water today. He is running on land, holding the torch up high. I can see him entering the Memorial Garden through the western entrance. And we all know that once he reaches the western entrance, he will come up a few steps onto an elevated pathway. When we come to City Hall, we can all pass through this balcony with its stunning view. Cheung is coming up the pathway. He is coming from the west and has just made a turn towards us. I can see that he is running towards us, the torch held up high. He runs with such a beautiful style. The photographers are fighting for a good shot of him. At the same time, the crowd is welcoming him with warm cheers. Cheung is running towards us. He comes up to the stage, holding the torch up high. Hear all the people cheer. The torch is made of copper nickel. He brings the torch near the cauldron and “boom!” the cauldron is lit. The flame is fuelled by Town Gas. We can smell it. Now that he has lit the cauldron, Cheung stands next to it, still holding the torch up high. There he is, standing proudly. He is the focus of the reporters and the cameras. And now that he has lit the cauldron, he is going into City Hall through a passage.

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