Inauguration of Shek Pik Reservoir

That was Governor Sir Robert Black delivering a speech. He is now proceeding to unveil a plaque, accompanied by the Director of Public Works. The plaque is unveiled to deafening applause. The copper plaque was covered with the Union Jack. On it are inscribed the words “Inauguration Ceremony for Shek Pik Reservoir, 28 November 1963” as well as the names of the key engineers involved in the project. Set in a large block of stone, the plaque is situated on a hill to the west of the main dam. Now Governor Sir Robert will preside over another ceremony in the company of the Director of Public Works. I will hand commentary over to Lo Sai-ping.

Accompanied by the Director of Public Works, the governor is inspecting another copper plaque. This one records the dimensions and the capacity of the main dam as well as the materials used to build it. On the other side of this block of stone is a third plaque that features a plan of the complete Shek Pik Reservoir project. It includes the location of the dam, Silver Mine Bay Water Treatment Works and the water pipes, and it shows the whole of Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. Two gigantic blocks of stone have been moved to the hill where the ceremony is being held today. The first holds the plaque the governor has just unveiled. The other one has two copper plaques. One contains all the figures, as I mentioned a moment ago, and is in both English and Chinese. Another is the plan of the water supply system. The Director of Public Works and the governor are walking up the hill, where they will be able to enjoy a view of Shek Pik Reservoir from above. Lady Black is also with them. The Director of Public Works and senior officers from the department are explaining every part of the reservoir project to the governor and his wife as they go.

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