Grand opening of Hong Kong City Hall

The governor, Sir Robert Black, is being led by the Director of Public Works, Allan Inglis, who is now inviting him to unveil a bronze plaque on the left of the stairs at the main entrance to mark the opening of City Hall. The governor declares, “I have much pleasure in unveiling this plaque to mark the opening of City Hall.” Sir Robert is now walking up the stairs and heading for the concert hall. He seems surprised to see small wooden hut, which is actually a booth selling tickets for music and other cultural performances. In the company of Mr Inglis and Mr Kenneth Kinghorn, the chairman of the Urban Council, Sir Robert is now entering the concert Hall. To report on the proceedings in the hall, I now hand you over to radio host Au Yeung Yee-tak.

I see the concert hall is filled with guests, 1,540 to be precise, and all of them now rise to receive the governor and his entourage. The stalls and balconies, as well as the two boxes on the left and the right, are all packed with guests. The Hong Kong Police Band is playing music in the box on the right. The stage is split into two sections, with chairs in the front. After the governor reaches his seat in the centre, the (British) national anthem will be played… The governor has been standing by his seat, and the national anthem has just been played. All the guests and councillors are now taking their seats.

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