Yuguzhai Qinpu (Yuguzhai Qin Handbook)

The first edition of the Yuguzhai Qinpu (Yuguzhai Qin Handbook), written by Zhu Fengjie of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), was published in 1855. Zhu Fengjie, also known as Tongjun, was a native of Pucheng, Fujian and founder of the Pucheng School of qin. The Yuguzhai Qinpu does not contain any qin tablature. In fact, it is a compilation of the author’s theories on the qin and a discussion covering the aspects of music temperament, qin making, qin practice, and qin playing.
Very detailed information on qin construction can be found in the chapter titled “Qin Construction” in volume 2. Most of the qin making tools described in this volume are still in use today. These include, among others, planes, axes, saws, rasps, drills, round chisels, and square chisels.
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