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Hong Kong Places

Diversity in a Changing City

Through full-color images and historical illustrations, take a relaxing virtual journey from present-day Hong Kong back to more than a century ago. The Hong Kong Places Collection shows you not only the geographical and social changes but also how this metropolis grew from an undeveloped place.

The Collection comprises some 3,000 pictures of Hong Kong places, mostly building photographs, street view and aerial images, taken since the mid-nineteenth century. It has a strong emphasis on Hong Kong as a geographical entity and aims at providing glimpses of Hong Kong in the bygone days and its transformation into a world city as it is today.

These pictures are from the Hong Kong Collection (Hung On-To Memorial Library) of the University of Hong Kong Libraries, which has been actively collecting and organizing Hong Kong contents since the early 1970s. Staff members of the Library have contributed to the creation of the Collection by identifying and selecting pictures from the library collections, annotating the pictures, creating the indexes and deciding on the user interface of the database.


  • Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan

  • Aberdeen

  • Sung Wong Toi Garden, Ma Tau Wai

  • View of Central District and Sheung Wan