Sung Wong Toi Garden, Ma Tau Wai

Sung Wong Toi Garden is located at the junction of Sung Wong Toi Road and Ma Tau Chung Road. It is a park of great historical value in the Kowloon City district. According to history, at the end of the Sung Dynasty (1276AD), Sung Wong Toi was originally located on a hill called "Sacred Hill" along the seashore. After the Sung Dynasty was overthrown by the Mongolian army in 1279, people inscribed the words "Sung Wong Toi" on the huge rock in memory of the fact that two Sung Emperors once took refuge there. In 1941, the Japanese army occupied Hong Kong. They burst the huge rocks of the "Sacred Hill" in order to expand the Kai Tak Airport. The rock with the words "Sung Wong Toi" remained intact by chance. In 1945, Hong Kong was liberated. To preserve the historical heritage, the Government built "Sung Wong Toi Garden" on the west of the "Sacred Hill". The huge rock was cut into a rectangle and moved into the Garden when the construction works were completed in the winter of that year.

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