The venus of post-war Hong Kong Products Exhibition, with scouts taking control of the traffic

After the World War II, the Hong Kong Products Exhibition started again on a piece of vacant land near to the Peninsula Hotel. At that time, the government only provided reclaimed vacant land for hosting the exhibition. Before 1962, the exhibitions had also taken place on the vacant land near City Hall in Central. At that time, the land for the Exhibition venue was barren without cement cover or any facilities. As a result, the Exhibition organiser had to install lights and lay water pipes, telephone lines, drains, toilets, etc.

At first, there were no traffic lights near the Exhibition venues so the CMA had to ask the Scout Association of Hong Kong to recruit scouts to control the traffic. While on duty, scouts had to follow orders that strictly prohibited cars from entering the Exhibition venue. In one incident, even the Governor of Hong Kong was turned away by the scout on duty! After this incident, the Governor sent a letter to the scout, commending his courage of standing up against those in power!

Organization Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
Period Exhibitions of Hong Kong Products (1950-1960)
Document Type Oral History
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Source Hong Kong Memory Project Oral History Interview
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