Reminiscences of a child about the Hong Kong Products Exhibition

Lai Lok Shing’s parents operated their grocery store in Lower Wong Tai Sin Estate, they only took one day off for rest every six months. They used these breaks to take the children to visit exhibitions such as the agricultural exhibitions and Hong kong products expos. The products expos were held in Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui. In the products expos, the booths of Pak Fah Yeow, Red A plastic products and Crocodile shirts were all beautifully decorated with eye-catching features. The Red A stand was especially fascinating from a distance while the Pak Fah Yeow booth was decorated with giant bottles and the Crocodile had living crocodiles at the booth. Lai Lok Shing was excited about visiting the expos as he loved the glamorous lighting, the tasty food on offer and casting his vote for Miss Expo. While visiting the expos, parents often bought clothes such as shirts, trousers and “Dai Di” brand school blazers for their children. While he was young, Lai Lok Shing rarely saw new products such as electronic watches when he visited the expos. After he grew up, he went to the expo with his girlfriend was shy when the two visited the Family Planning Association’s booth to get information on birth control. The courting couple got married when Lai Lok Shing was 26 years old in 1974 –the same time as the last expo took place.

Period Exhibitions of Hong Kong Products (1961-1974)
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