The participation of a PVC manufacturer in the Hong Kong Products Exhibitions

KP Tin participated in the Hong Kong Brands and Product Expo (HKBPE) organised by The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong in his early years in Hong Kong. Tins’ plastic and processed products were displayed in their booth with an aim of promoting Hong Kong’s plastic processing industry to foreign buyers. Tins’ also had a showroom at office to promote sales for low-end clients, indirectly facilitating Tins’ own businesses in return. Participating in the HKBPE was quite effective in targeting mainly Hong Kong customers. Tin’s had participated in the HKBPE for 3 or 4 times until the promotion aim was achieved. HKBPE at first was an exhibition for the industries to meet buyers. It later transformed into a carnival, which did not serve much use for Tins’. No reception was served at Tins’ booth, which only came with display windows showcasing plastic films, plastics, etc. Sometimes a buyer who met KP Tin in the booth would subsequently contact Tins’ straight.

Company Tins Chemical Corporation Ltd.
Industry Chemical Products
Period Exhibitions of Hong Kong Products (1961-1974)
Document Type Oral History
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Source Hong Kong Memory Project Oral History Interview
Repository Hong Kong Memory Project
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