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Huang Xinbo (1916-1980) was a pioneer of the modern Chinese woodcut who, heavily influenced by Lu Xun, devoted himself to the development and promotion of this important art form. Like many of Hong Kong’s older generation, Huang was born and educated in the mainland, struggled through the long years of war and then moved from place to place before finally ending up in Hong Kong. After returning to his homeland in 1949, Huang Xinbo committed himself to a life in the service of art, but he was unable to escape the torment of the Cultural Revolution. Thanks to his passionate dedication to society, however, Huang Xinbo has provided us with an everlasting legacy.

To pay homage to this renowned artist 31 years after his death, Hong Kong Heritage Museum held the exhibition “Imprint of the Heart: Artistic Journey of Huang Xinbo”, from 3 November 2011 to 26 March 2012, showcasing Huang’s works from 1930 to 1980, including block prints, oil paintings, artefacts from the Human Art Club and other invaluable items, all of which illustrate Huang’s dedicated concern for the people and his heartfelt devotion to modern China and Hong Kong society.

This collection showcases the contents and materials of the abovementioned exhibition, supplemented by photos, articles and newspaper reports of Huang Xinbo. Hopefully readers can get to know more about Huang’s artistic journey and his deep affections for people’s hardships during the time.