Earlier operation of Globe Dyeing Factory Ltd, its factory on Castle Peak Road, and development at the later stage.

In the early days of Globe Dyeing Factory, Ha Chung Fong was responsible for soliciting orders from clients and Lap Shun Textiles was his first client. His company would handle the dyeing process for his clients. In 1980s, his company expanded to weaving business. When the company first started, the factory was at Ka Ming Court, which was at 690 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan. The building was just opposite to Hong Kong Spinners. The factory of Globe Dyeing was a mere 7500 square feet, very small compared to the company's factory in mainland China now which has over several million square feet of space. Rent was relative cheap at the industrial building on Castle Peak Road, and it was also close to Ha's clients. At that time, Lap Shun Textiles was on the 2nd floor while Globe Dyeing was on the 4th floor. During that time, a lot of garment and dyeing factories were located in area around Castle Peak Road and Hai Tan Street in Sham Shui Po. They were mostly small factories and some would be inside walk-up buildings. In 1970, Ha moved his factory to Tsai Wan Kok Street (i.e. 9 Milestone), Tsuen Wan. There were other large spinners such as South Sea Textile and Nan Fung Textile.
The plant at Castle Peak Road only had simple facilities. It had two US-made steamers which cost HK$75,000. Other machines were assembled by Ha with various components. In 1989, Ha raised enough capital and built an industrial building in Tuen Mun for his Lake Side Printing Factory, and began printing and dyeing business. The factory had its own sewage facilities. Ha said he is now 72 years old. His textile career was full of challenges.

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