A review of more than 30 years development of Fowind

During the 1970s, Forward Winsome Industries received large numbers of OEM orders. To prepare the clients' inspection of his factories, Lam improved the quality of his plant management. He knew that many of his OEM clients had their own factories, so he sent employees overseas to learned from others' experience so as to improve on management. His clients were also willing to provide guidance so as to achieve mutual benefits and to forge long term partnership. During the financial crisis, many toy factories were closed. Forward Winsome's compliance to regulations and rigorous testing of the safety of raw materials earned the company a lot of orders. At its peak the company had over 20,000 workers. Since automation of some production processes, the company gradually reduced its workforce to 10,000 workers. After the 1980s, the company moved its productions to mainland China. Hong Kong's management would then spend two days in China initially, and now they are all stationed full time there. With more workers in China, the company's productions in Hong Kong continued to shrink, and its older workers gradually retired. In 1989, productions in Hong Kong were closed, with 10,000 workers remained in China. Since relocating its factories to China, the company's business jumped ten-fold.

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