Succession of Fowind’s Second Generation

The second generation of Forward Winsome Industries Ltd had ascended to management by succession. In the 1950s, Lam and his whole family lived next door to the factory. The front of the building was Forward Products Co., where his son oftentimes stayed. Lam allowed his son to choose any subject at school that as wished. When his son went to the USA for overseas study, Lam arranged him to work as a summer intern at the factory of one of Lam’s clients. He tried to set an example for his children. For instance, he would take his son to meet his clients so that he could let him observe how business was done and offered guidance for him. He also taught his son not to act like an idle and depraved successor to Lam’s business, but to act humbly and blend in with his colleagues. Lam treated his clients with sincerity and paid attention to their preferences in food and drinks, which helped him build a close rapport with them. Lam did not mix his private life with business, so he never favoured his own relatives who worked in the factory. After he set up a factory in the Mainland, his wife would travel to oversee the sewing process to make sure it was up to standard. She would explain in detail the requirements of different parts of a doll’s costume.

Company Forward Winsome Industries Limited
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