The founding of Winsome Plastic Works

After joining Yuen Hing Hong, Lam Leung recommended his boss, Mr. Yeung, to set up a plastic factory. In those days, people from Mainland China would come to Hong Kong to purchase plastic sheets, which they made into set squares. Lam was inspired by this trend and suggested his boss to open a factory to make photo frames, as they were simple and easy to manufacture. The manufacturing procedures are as follows:
1) Crop the plastic sheets using a manual circular saw2) Deburr the sheets using manual polisher3) Glue the sheets and the photo stands together using chloroform 4) Put corrugated fiberboards at the back of the stands.
The whole procedures did not require any machinery. By selling plastic sheets, Yuen Hing Hong could only get a 7% to 10% profit margin, so they ran their own photo frame factory to improve profitability. Lam helped his boss coordinated the opening of the factory, naming it Winsome Plastic Works. The factory was located in rented space on the ground floor of an old building on 93 Hennessey Road. Lam himself moved into the penthouse of the shop as his residence.

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