Production reloatcion to Mainland of plastic making and plastic processing factories

The Taiwan counterparts had a strong sense of survival and set up factories in mainland China at quite an early stage. If Tin’s had not followed suit, it might have lost the lead and put itself at an inferior position in the competition. Processing factories, which were labour intensive, were set up in the mainland first, followed by factories producing industrial raw materials. In the early period of China’s economic reform, the system in the mainland was poor, which drove many low-end manufacturers to set up factories in Southeast Asia or Africa. When the system in the mainland was gradually formalized, these low-end manufacturers returned to the mainland for productions. At the present, there were too many competitors, not to mention tightened government controls. If small factories had not undergone transformations on time, e.g. entering the national market as well, they would have found it hard to survive. As the small factories transformed themselves, Tin’s followed their steps closely, tapping into the unfamiliar national market and cooperating with mainland enterprises.

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