Competitors of Tins’ Chemical

In their heyday, Tins’ Chemical had 4 or 5 competitors such as Kiu Luen and Fei Chui, but 2 or 3 of them had operated for several years only. Kiu Luen was founded by Wong Po Yan. Their factory had a long history in Hong Kong and produced PU artificial leather (mainly used in making handbags). Their core business was the trading of raw materials. Dow Chemical was an international chemical manufacturer specialising in PS granules as a raw material (specifically for making hard piece). Dow Chemical’s products belonged to chemical raw materials. Tins’ films were processed product of Dow Chemical’s raw materials. Plastic processing fell in three levels: chemical raw materials – industrial products – consumer products. The chemical raw materials used by Tins’ Chemical were imported from overseas. Chemical raw material plant was space-demanding and capital-intensive. Hong Kong was not equipped with such conditions and so no PVC raw material manufacturers ever invested in a plant in Hong Kong. Fei Chui’s plant was situated at Ping Shan (next to Tins’). Kiu Luen’s plant was in a tall building in Kwun Tong. Their production lines were scattered and operation was not smooth. The two plants were considerably small in size. The plant KP Tin set up in Indonesia was smaller. The productivity of the plant he later set up in Hong Kong was 2 to 3 times higher.

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