The sales distribution of The China Paint Manufacturing Company in Hong Kong

The products of China Paint Manufacturing Company were promoted and sold through hardware stores and distributors. The hardware stores in the public estates were small, with limited space. In order to increase the motivation of the stores to showcase China Paint’s products, the company had to advertise its products through mass media such as television commercials, to attract the attention of the general public.
Paul Lam explained that the users could be classified as do-it-yourself users, construction contractors and professional masters. The company increased its competitiveness by tailoring different brands to the needs of users. “Flower” targeted at do-it-yourself users. The most popular products were silver paint and small cans of paint. “Giraffe” targeted at contractors and professional users, with the most popular products being the lacquer.
Since sales agents sourced products from distributors, China Paint had to invest in commercial advertising to increase its popularity, so that the distributors became more motivated to place larger orders to the company. As China Paint was willing to design tailor-made products to meet the needs of its customers, these customers placed orders directly to the company. Usually the volume of these orders was sizeable, hence the company would send technicians to stay at the customer’s factory to provide after-sale service.

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