The different brands’ characteristics of The China Paint Manufacturing Company and the founding of Flower brand logo

The China Paint Manufacturing Company tailored different product types to fit with the needs of different types of users. The “Flower” brand is designed for do-it-itself users while the “Giraffe” brand is designed for professional users. The company also used Giraffe brand for toy paint at the beginning, which later changed to a new brand, the Toy brand. Toy brand was promoted as a safe and non-toxic product line. Nowadays, the company still marketed the three brands in Hong Kong, but in China it promoted a range of product brands at different regions.
Since 1932, the company had been using “Flower” as the company’s brandname, which was called “Chrysanthemum”. The brand logo was previously a portrait of chrysanthemum flower. Since Paul Lam joined the company, the logo was changed to the current mode of a pictorial flower to make it look trendy. Now, the brandname was called “Flower” and the product quality had been improved.
Initially the quality of the emulsion paint was not satisfactory because the technology applied was too low. Since it committed to a collaborative agreement with Sherwin William Company, China Paint knew how to apply additives properly in the mixing stage to improve product quality.

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