China Sugar Refining Company

China Sugar Refinery Co. Ltd. was established by Messrs. Jardine, Matheson & Co., Ltd. in 1878. The factory was built at East Point, Causeway Bay, where the factory had close proximity to the harbour for loading cargoes of raw sugar cane and packed products. The sugar cane was imported from Java, the Philippines, the Straits Settlements and various Chinese ports. The factory covered an area of several acres, and equipped with machineries for every process of refining the sugars. The final refined product was fine, white crystal sugar. A lower class of brown sugar was extracted from the syrup. After all the crystallized sugar was extracted, the syrup or molasseses can be marketed in its final form or used in the manufacture of spirits. Sugars can be made into loaf, cube, powder or icing for uses. A laboratory is provided in which European chemists made analyses and tests of the sugar at various stages of its refinement.

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