Report of the Housing Commission (1935)

The report was drawn by the commission appointed by the governor to study the housing problems in Victoria and Kowloon with special attention to overcrowding and its effect on tuberculosis and to suggest steps to remedy the conditions. It reported on the living standard and housing conditions of the poorer classes in Hong Kong. One phenomenon was that the majority of Chinese operated industries were of "home industry" character and couldn't afford to build independent factory building. It found that the ground floor of most tenement houses for householders were occupied by shops and workshops. The commission made proposals as to induce the factories to move away from populated districts and to build up-to-standard houses for the poor classes. At the appendices, there were floor plans of typical tenement houses in congested district.

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Source Sessional papers laid before the Legislative Council of Hong Kong 1938. Hong Kong Government Reports Online (1842-1941).
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