Report of the Commission appointed by His Excellency the Governor of Hong Kong to Enquire into Th...

This is the report of the commission set up by the Governor in July 1934 to enquire into the situation of trade depression in Hong Kong and to offer recommendations for improvement. It remarked that this was the first comprehensive report about the economic conditions of Hong Kong. While Hong Kong's export was affected by the world economic depression since the early 1930s, the report said that Hong Kong was also greatly affected by the changing political and economic conditions in China. In the report there were summaries from the pre-war government's perspectives about Hong Kong's relationship with China and its position as a colony in the British Empire in terms of trade, commerce and industry. The commission recommended that the government should strike a balance between maintaining laissez-faire policy and adopting measures to support the local industries which were demanded and not in conflict with the British Empire.

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Source Sessional Papers 1934, Papers Laid Before the Legislative Council of Hongkong 1934. Hong Kong Government Reports Online (1842-1941).
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