Industries (1912)

This report was originally under the section of Trade and Shipping, Industries, Fisheries, Agriculture and Land of the Administrative Reports for the year 1912. It reported on the conditions, operation of major companies, and import and export trends of selected industries in the year. The report also identified some external factors that affected the performance of some industries. For example, China Revolution in 1911 was cited to have adverse effect to the supply of tin from China to Hong Kong and therefore affected the export of tinned goods from Hong Kong. From 1908 to 1926, this heading continuously appeared in the government administrative reports.

Industry shipbuilding | sugar | cotton spinning | rope | cement | rattan | furniture | tobacco | tinned goods | Chinese spirit | vinegar | knitting | leather | ginger and preserves | soy | paper | vermilion | lard
Company Hongkong and Whampoa Dock Company, Taikoo Dockyard and Engineering Company, W.S. Bailey Co., Ulderup and Schluter, Macdonald & Co., Tung Hing Lung, Kwong Fook Cheong, Kwong Hip Loong, Kwong Tak Cheong, Kwong Tak Hing, Kwong Sze Sang, Kwong Hip Lung & Co., Ltd., Kwong Lee, Cheung Kee
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Source "Trade and Shipping, Industries, Fisheries, Agriculture and Land", Administrative Reports for the year 1912, p.12-14. Hong Kong Government Reports Online (1842-1941).
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