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CollectionsFrom Soya Bean Milk To Pu'er TeaVitasoy Snapshots
Vitasoy Snapshots

  • Earliest Vitasoy bottle

  • Malt Vitasoy soymilk

  • Recent Vitasoy bottle

  • Vitasoy paper packing

  • Container for hot Vitasoy

  • K.S. Lo and Vitasoy lorry

  • Factory outlook of the Hong Kong Soya Bean Products Company

  • Group photo at the opening of the Hong Kong Soya Bean Products Company

  • The 1950s Vitasoy production line

  • Workers packing finished Vitasoy in cartons

  • Enriching Lives and Founding a Business: Vitasoy Looks Back Over Fifty Years (1940-1990)

  • Vitasoy: Seventy Years of Popularity - A Story Dedicated to Humanity

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