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  • Rayson Huang
    Birthyear: 1920
    Occupation: University President
    WorksTheme: Education, Japanese Occupation
  • Lo Lei Wo
    Birthyear: 1929
    Occupation: Factory Foreman
    WorksTheme: Industry,Community
  • Master Shek
    Birthyear: 1926
    Occupation: Plate-making master, Chung Hwa Book Co Ltd Printing Works
    WorksTheme: Industry,Community
  • Lau Wing Kwong
    Birthyear: 1931
    Occupation: Technical staff of Cable & Wireless
    WorksTheme: Industry,Community
  • Master Kong
    Birthyear: 1930
    Occupation: Plate-making master, Chung Hwa Book Co Ltd Printing WorksTheme: Industry,Community,Social Life
  • Sheh Shue Wing
    Birthyear: 1930
    Occupation: Staff of Chinese Tea House
    Theme: Community,Social Life
  • Poon Kwai Hoi
    Birthyear: 1928
    Occupation: Shipyard worker, knitting worker
    Theme: Industry,Community,Social Life
  • Leung Pui Ching
    Birthyear: 1930
    Occupation: Weaving worker
    Theme: Industry,Community,Social Life,Educaiton
  • Leung Yuk Jan
    Birthyear: 1925
    Occupation: Oyster Sauce Production
    Theme: Industry, Community, Social Life, Education, Japanese Occupation
  • Sham Hing Hei
    Birthyear: 1949
    Occupation: Leisure Services Manager, Urban Council
    Theme: Community, Social Life, Education