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CollectionsPost-war IndustriesAcknowledgements

Materials of this collection were collected from various sources. They include government report, manufactures’ publication, companies’ archive, individual’s material and oral history interview recording. Besides, there are some individuals who are providers of liaison service and professional advices. We greatly appreciate the contributions of the following individuals and organizations.

(listed in alphabetical order)


Amoy Food Limited

Central Textiles (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Champion Industrial Co., Ltd.

China Dyeing Holdings, Ltd.

Chit Shing P.V.C. Products Mfy. Ltd

Chun Au Knitting Factory Ltd.

Chung Nam Watch Co., Ltd

Dailywin Watch Products Mfg. Ltd.

ELCHK, Ma On Shan District Elderly Community Centre

Elec & Eltek International Company Limited

Forward Winsome Industries Limited

Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited

Government Records Service

Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Fty. Ltd.

Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong Productivity Council

Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association

Pak Fah Yeow International Limited

Silver Manufactory Co., Ltd

Tins Chemical Coporation Ltd.

The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong

The China Paint MFG. CO. (1932), LTD

The Federation of Hong Kong Garment Manufacturers

The Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades & Industries Ltd.

The Hong Kong Cotton Spinners Association

The Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association

Yangtzekiang Garment Limited

Yick Sun Knitting Company

Oral History Interviewee:

Ah Ying

Dr. Chan Sui Kau

Dr. Lee Ellen Peng Fei 

Dr. Tin Ka Ping

Mr. Au Kwan Cheung

Mr. Chan Kin Keung

Mr. Chan Wah Cheung

Mr. Chan Wing Kee

Mr. Cheng Chi Ping

Mr. Cheng Yum Kwai

Mr. Chi Woo Wha

Mr. Chong Hok Hoi

Mr. Gan Fock Wai

Mr. GanWee Sean

Mr. Ha Chung Fong

Mr. Hui Chor Tin

Mr. L. T. Lam

Mr. Lo Lei Wo

Mr. Leung Wai Ho

Mr. Paul T. Lam

Mr. So Cheung Shing

Mr. Sun Kai Lit

Mr. Sun Kin Chao

Mr. Tin Hing Sin

Mr. Wong Hon Yee

Mr. Wong Wing Man

Mrs. Sun Kwok Ying Ping

Ms. Lai Kit Fong

Ms. Lau Dick Wah

Ms. Leung Pui Ching

Ms. To Sui Wan

Liaison and Advice:

Dr. Gordon Yen (Executive Director, Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited)

Dr. Yu Tat Ching (Director, Sunnex Products Limited)

Mr. Alex Yu (Business Manager, Camel Paint Chemicals Co. Ltd.)

Mr. Au Kam Nin (Copyright donor of a thesis on textile industry)

Mr. Chan Chak Wing (Owner of Ko Tai Garment Factory)

Mr. Eddie Yeung (Senior Manager, Central Textiles (H.K.) Ltd.)

Mr. Michael L. Yu (Director, Sunnex Products Limited)

Mr. Simon Tam (Corporate Communications Manager, Amoy Food Ltd.)

Mr. Lee Sai Yick (Founder, Silver Manufactory Co., Ltd)

Mr. Tam Kin Tung (Director, Chun Au Knitting Factory Ltd)

Mrs. Florence M. Yu (Director, Sunnex Products Limited)

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