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This section details the recollection of 30 industrialists. In addition to manufacturers cum entrepreneurs who started up their own factories, its five categories cover the reminiscences of technical and management professionals and experienced workers.

• First-generation Industrialists

• Second-generation Industrialists

• Manufacturers with Worker’s Background

• Industrial Professionals

• Skilled labour on production line

All clips of interviews included in this section are excerpts of far fuller oral history interviews with each of the 30 industrialists. As well as recording how the interviewee joined their particular area of the manufacturing industry, each interview details the person’s working life or entrepreneurial experience. As a result, the interviewees not only talk about the achievements they remain most proud of, but also the difficult times they often lived through. In doing so, they give us a uniquely insightful analysis of their industry and their own ethics and values. To begin exploring the complete archive of interviews, please visit the “Hong Kong Voices” section of this website and choose the “Oral History Archives” option.

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