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Collections他 FASHION 傳奇 EDDIE LAU 她 IMAGE 百變 劉培基Image Design and Stage Costumes
特藏他 FASHION 傳奇 EDDIE LAU 她 IMAGE 百變 劉培基形象設計及舞台服
Image Design and Stage Costumes

Hong Kong designer Eddie Lau is famous not only in the fashion world, but also in the local music industry. In addition to creating ‘the ever-changing Anita Mui’, Eddie Lau has also designed many memorable styles and stage costumes for other singers. Whether they are male or female, the designer has always been able to uncover the special edge that the performers have, allowing them to express their unique qualities and fulfil their potential. In 1983, he helped with the image and costume design for Sam Hui when he became the first local singer to hold a solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, choosing leather jackets and accessories to highlight the singer’s muscular strength and energy. In a creative cross-over experiment, Eddie honoured his promise to his close friend Roman Tam and took on the role of costume design and direction for Roman’s Chinese musical ‘Liu Yi Chuan Shu’ in 1984. He later designed a number of timeless stage costumes and album images for Roman, bringing out the unadorned, mature and sophisticated artist that lay beneath the lavishly sequined performer of his earlier years. Another unforgettable project was the transformation of Leslie Cheung into a dream lover. The young side of Leslie’s image was energetic with a slightly rebellious streak; the mature side, in contrast, expressed a hint of melancholy. Neither failed to mesmerise Leslie’s fans.

Eddie Lau not only provided image and fashion direction for Hong Kong’s superstars, he also designed images for emerging singers at Capital Artists Limited in the company’s early days, several of whom went on to establish themselves as pillars of the local pop scene. Eddie cherished the up-and-coming generation of artistes. In 2006, he designed a stage costume for Denise Ho, a protégé of Anita Mui, that was based on the theme of the ‘continuation of love’ and paid tribute to and expressed his everlasting affection for the late musician. William So is another second-generation Capital Artists singer whose concert costume for the opening section of his concert has been designed by Eddie; as exquisitely crafted as ever, these stage outfits demonstrate the designer’s talent, flair and thorough understanding of the impact that image and costumes can have on stage.

  • Roman Tam silver outfit with a long train (1)

  • Roman Tam silver outfit with a long train (2)

  • Denise Ho stage outfit for 'HOCC Live in Uni...

  • Denise Ho stage outfit for 'HOCC Live in Uni...

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