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CollectionsFestival of Hong KongAcknowledgements

Special thanks are given to the following individuals and organizations for providing valuable materials that enrich the contents of the Collection.

We are grateful to the Public Records Office of Hong Kong for providing government archives, photos and videos. We also thank the Hong Kong Post for giving permission for the use of a number of postal items, Mr. Mok Chi Chiu for providing valuable photos of the Grand Procession for the 1973 Festival, and Dr. Kan Tai Keung for accepting our interview and allowing us to use the interview records.

We are also thankful that Mr. Alex Ko, President of the China Philatelic Association (CPA), Mr. Chan Chi-ho (Vice-President, CPA), Mr. Chan Kong Chun (Committee Member, CPA), Mr. Sun Han Chiu (Committee Member, CPA), Mr. Mok Chi Chiu and Mr. Lee Wing Chung have given us their valuable support and assistance for the preparation of the Collection.

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