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Hong Kong Festival Promotion

The objective of the various Festival committees was not only to organize activities but also to create a feeling of joyousness that could permeate all levels of society. Under its jurisdiction, therefore, a Decorations Committee was set up to work on how the entire Hong Kong should be adorned for the occasion.

With the coordination of the Executive Committee, the Government Information Department was in charge of designing Hong Kong Festival’s logo and publicity materials. The logo was a sphere with alternating orange and white stripes to represent an atmosphere of enjoyment, relaxation and entertainment; it was used on all kinds of publicity materials. In addition, there were posters, 3D installations and banners.

One spectacular feature of the Festival was the lighting, and the most spectacular of all was the lighting in the Statue Square and Edinburgh Place area where the buildings and streets were brilliantly lit in multifarious designs. There was also lighting displayed in Victoria Harbour where a ship sailed along all lit up with the Festival’s motifs. Even the buoys in the harbour were fitted with lighting displaying the Festival logo. Thus the joyful mood of the Festival could pervade on both shores of the Harbour.

Festival-themed decorations were manifest in every district. Busy hubs such as Garden Road and the Kwun Tong roundabout and public housing estates such as Wah Fu Estate were installed with 3-D logos. In Shatin and Yaumatei, tall scaffolds with decorations were erected. Boxes holding programmes and publicity leaflets were put up in busy streets; banners and flags were hung from lamp-posts and overpasses. Bunting and publicity materials were issued by the Hong Kong Festival Office to schools, estates, community centers. The Post Office issued special First Day Covers and commemorative stamps to be collected by citizens as mementos.

Chairman of the Decorations Committee called upon corporations in the Central district to hang Hong Kong festival decorations on the external walls of their buildings. As a result, Hang Seng Bank’s Head Office, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association Building, Bank of Canton, Wing Lung Bank, and other buildings were all dazzlingly lit up in response to the call.

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