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Never give up, never say no to work
L.T. Lam
For LT Lam, founder of Forward Winsome Industries Ltd, to fight hard was to never give up and never stop half way. One should commit all his time and energy if you want to make something a success even though you have to sacrifice your leisure time over work time. If you were so lucky as to buy in raw materials on credit, you must commit your full strength to get the production done as soon as possible so that you could pay back the loan.

Title Never give up, never say no to work
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Accession No. LKF-OH-STORY1-001
Willing to work overtime
Leung Wai Ho
Leung Wai Ho, founder of Dailywin Watch Products Mfg Ltd., recalled the days when he was an apprentice in a watch factory. He was so committed that he never felt tired. In the 1960s, an apprentice earned 60 dollars a month by working round the clock from 8:00 am to 9:30 pm. To earn an additional dollar, every night after work, he ran additional errands for the factory. He delivered watch parts from Tai Kok Tsui to the assembling workshops in Tsim Sha Tsui or Wanchai. When he returned home, it was almost mid-night but he didn't feel tired at that time.

Title Willing to work overtime
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Accession No. LKF-OH-STORY1-002
Taking every responsibility
H.Y. Wong
Wong Hon Yee commented that an employee should devote himself to fulfill his responsibility. In 1969, Wong joined Ampex Ferrotec Ltd., an American electronic company. To accomplish the mission assigned by the Headquarters in the U.S., Wong volunteered to work overnight in the company's laboratory. He was admired by his immediate supervisor as a responsible staff because Wong was not expected to come on the eve of Chinese New Year. The two men felt fulfilled when they were able to send the testing results to the Headquarters the next morning. Wong hoped today's younger generation would continue this work attitude: don't think you are exploited if asked to work overtime. He believed that commitment to work was the foundation of Hong Kong's economic success.

Title Taking every responsibility
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Accession No. LKF-OH-STORY1-003
Determined and committed
David So
The 3 founders of Elec & Eltek International Company Limited were former engineers of Ampex Ferrotec Ltd. They were determined to start up their own electronic company. Every day after work, they joined together to investigate the technology to produce printed circuit boards (PCB) on their own. At that time, it was a new technology monopolised by well-developed American and Japanese companies. They learned the technology of electroplating and wiring from technical books and conducted experiments with simple tools they made themselves. After more than a year of self experiment, they were confident of applying the technology to production and started their own company. It was the earliest company producing PCB locally in Hong Kong.

Title Determined and committed
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Accession No. LKF-OH-STORY1-004
Focused on work, declined social activities
Chan Wah Cheung
Chan Wah Cheong, founder of Chit Shing P.V.C. Products Mfy Ltd, had his way of finding success. Unlike those who did business through engaging in social activities, he used to work hard and focused only on practical work. He knew many people made business through expanding one's social circle, but Chan thought it was a waste of time to go to horse races, mahjong games and night clubs. Instead, his strategy for success was to put all his energy into production.

Title Focused on work, declined social activities
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Accession No. LKF-OH-STORY1-005
Tried every strength to meet deadline
Chan Wing Kee
Chan Wing Kee, the second generation of Yangtzekiang Garment Manufacturing (YGM) Ltd., was proud of himself being a diligent member of the family business. On the eve of the Chinese New Year in 1971, the first year he joined YGM, he worked together with the workers in order to meet production deadline and shipping schedule. After they finished production, they were under pressure to send the finished goods to the ocean liner which was about to set its sail in an hour. A moment before the ship set off to sea, Chan managed to deliver the goods on board so that they could reach the buyer on schedule. This was a pride Chan took of himself over the years of his commitment to industry in Hong Kong.

Title Tried every strength to meet deadline
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Accession No. LKF-OH-STORY1-006
Worked diligently to earn workers' trust
Allen Lee
Allen Lee, who had been the General Manager of Ampex Ferrotec Ltd, concluded that a good manager should work as diligently as the workers. The factory of Ampex ran 3 shifts a day. The morning shift ran from 7 to 3, the afternoon shift from 3 to 11 and the night shift from 11 to 7 the next morning. Allen arrived at his office before 7 am every morning. Every day he inspected the shopfloor twice, one at 7 am and the other at 3 pm. Occasionally he made a late night inspection at 11 pm. These practices were to show to the workers that the top management were also working while they did their shifts. Allen gained trust from the workers and had built good relationship with them. He thought this was the reason why he was assigned a top leadership position as a Chinese engineer in the American company.

Title Worked diligently to earn workers' trust
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Accession No. LKF-OH-STORY1-007
Insist persistently
Eva Lau
Eva Lau, the second generation of the Champion Industrial Co. Ltd. Once she visited France in order to build up direct business connection with French brand companies. It was a tough trip because, as Lau analysed, the French had no trust to the Chinese as enterpreneurs. Eva patiently waited for the French director for several days, who finally granted her a chance for a presentation. Champion and the French company soon became business partners. Lau believed that if she did not insist, her company could not have extended its business to the French fashion world.

Title Insist persistently
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Accession No. LKF-OH-STORY1-008