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Restoration of Historic Buildings

The conservation of historic buildings refers to all measures to protect their heritage value, including restoration, maintenance and revitalisation. Historic buildings naturally deteriorate through the years; they often show damage, in some cases from improper use and human intervention. Therefore, it is vital to carry out appropriate maintenance and restoration to protect their heritage value. A number of restoration projects of Hong Kong’s historic buildings have won the "UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation", showing that Hong Kong’s heritage-conservation achievements are well recognised by relevant international organisations.


  • Laying pan tiles

  • Fixing pan tiles with copper wires

  • Fixing flying rafter

  • Restoring plaster moulding


  • Restoration of King Yin Lei in Mid-Levels

  • Repair of Duddell Street Gas Lamp Heads in Central

  • Restoration of Tang Ancestral Hall in Ha Tsuen

  • Restoration of Brick Walls of Antiquities and Monuments Office (The...