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About the Collection

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and organised by the Art Promotion Office, ‘Hi! Houses’ is an art project taking places in four century-old historic buildings. Four local artists were invited to lead their teams to create site-specific artworks by their idiosyncratic visual lingo, bringing the audience to start a new journey in the old houses.

Materials for this collection largely come from the above said exhibition, comprising texts, photographs and videos, to witness how art gives old houses a new lease of life, and helps foster local cultural memory and community empathy.

Exhibition Period
1.1.2017-9.7.2017 Wilson Shieh x Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum
8.1.2017-9.7.2017 Lam Tung Pang x Old House at Wong Uk Village
15.1.2017-9.7.2017 Fiona Wong x Law Uk Folk Museum
22.1.2017-9.7.2017 Jaffa Lam x Sam Tung Uk Museum

Production Team
Project Director: Dr Lesley Lau
Exhibition Management, Research and Editorial: Lo Yan Yan, Sandee Tang, Venus Or, Lee Ho Cheung
Design and Production: Ken Lo