Hi! Houses: A Journey into the History of Century-old Houses with the Artists
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Wilson Shieh grew up in Kennedy Town and knows the streets of the Central and Western districts by heart, as he passed by the area’s historical buildings practically every day. This old house, the Kom Tong Hall, evokes a sense of familiarity and many memories for him.

“There are plenty of documents and photographs at the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum, but they have faded with the passage of time. I would like to introduce some contrast, and re-tell these historical stories via colour and patterns.” –– Wilson Shieh

Built in 1914, Kom Tong Hall was originally the residence of prominent Hong Kong businessman Ho Kom Tong. It was gazetted as a Declared Monument of Hong Kong in 2010. The overall design of the building shows the composite classical style of the Edwardian colonial period, with its interiors decorated with Baroque and Rococo features. The curved balcony is supported by Grecian columns, and is embellished in the artistic style prevalent at the time. Its details include colourful stained glass windows, tiles on the balcony walls and a teak staircase, and they are all well-preserved. A merchant surnamed Chang bought the building in 1960, and resold it to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. The Hong Kong Government bought Kom Tong Hall in 2004 and converted it into the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum.