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Renowned Cantonese opera master, Dr. Lam Kar Sing (1933-2015) spanned almost 50 years in his stage career. He studied and improved the art form with indefatigable intensity and established the principles of "breadth, virtuosity, depth and innovation" of theatrical performance. Dr. Lam led two major Cantonese opera troupes, Hing Sun Sing and Chung Sun Sing, and performed a large number of classic repertoires that have remained extremely popular among lovers of Cantonese opera.

In 1993, Dr. Lam Kar Sing retired from the stage and dedicated himself to promoting Cantonese opera and to enhancing the conservation of the genre. Dr. Lam not only received numerous accolades from academia and the Cantonese opera community, but was also awarded three government honours in recognition of his extraordinary achievements in the art form and the immense contributions he made to carrying forward the tradition of Cantonese opera.

Dr. Lam Kar Sing passed away on 4 August 2015. To commemorate this opera great, "A Voice for the Ages, a Master of his Art – A Tribute to Lam Kar Sing" displaying the images and paraphernalia of Dr. Lam was organised by Hong Kong Heritage Museum between 9 September 2015 and 2 November 2015 to take the public back in time to revisit Dr. Lam's spectacular performing career and pay tribute to him.

This collection showcases the contents and images of the aforementioned exhibition provided by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The supplementary materials, including Dr. Lam Kar Sing’s interviews, stage and film stills and performance booklets are available in Browse By of the collection. Hopefully the general public can have an opportunity to once again savour Dr. Lam’s performance and get to know more about his enthusiasm for Cantonese opera as well as his contributions to the arts and culture of Hong Kong.