History in Miniature: The 150th Anniversary of Stamp Issuance in Hong Kong
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Definitive Stamps before and after the Handover (Part 2)

Between the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and 2012, the Hongkong Post issued three sets of definitive stamps. Highlighting the wonderful expanse of Hong Kong life, they include themes such as the beauty of nature, traditional festivals and cyber age and thus testify to the dynamism and charm of this modern metropolis. The second set of definitive stamps issued after the handover came out in 2002, and each stamp contained two contrasting images on the same theme – the Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas or traditional tiles and modern glass walls, for example – to reflect the city’s perfect mix of East and West and demonstrate the diversity, pluralism and inclusiveness of Hong Kong society.

The third set of definitive stamps since the handover was issued in 2006. Featuring Hong Kong birds as its theme, this set of definitive stamps embraces the beauty of nature. As a metropolis, Hong Kong is not only renowned for its human talent, but over 460 bird species also make their home in the territory, a figure that accounts for one third of all known birds in China and one twentieth of those found across the world.


  • 2002 Hong Kong definitive stamps: 10 cents

  • 2002 Hong Kong definitive stamps: 20 cents

  • 2002 Hong Kong definitive stamps: 50 cents

  • 2002 Hong Kong definitive stamps: 1 dollar