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Leung Ping Kwan wrote many poems about food, “because it is indispensable in our daily lives, substantive, colorful and complex. It holds its unique place in human relations and social activities, expressing our aesthetics and values, linking our prejudices and desires”.

——‘Food, City, Culture’, 2000

Leung Ping Kwan’s writing Artwork
Green Salad 
Choi Yan Chi: Salad Drawing
A Pair of Pears 
Lee Ka Sing: A Pair of Pears
Pun Choi on New Year’s Eve 
Mussels in Brussels 
Tasting New Wines with Mio 
anothermountainman: Wine Tasting
Yellow Pepper 
Leung Ping Kwan: Yellow Pepper
Pun Choi (Hong Kong Basin Feast) 
Lau Gukzik: Punchoi, Cucumber
Nasi Kuning (Indonesian Yellow Rice) 
Asian Artists: Taste of Asia
A Taste of Asia 
Paul Magendie: Blooming Artichoke


  • Millie Chen’s artwork: Daipaidong (Foodstalls)

  • Salad Drawing made by Choi Yan Chi

  • Lee Ka Sing’s artwork: A Pair of Pears

  • Lee Ka Sing’s artwork: Pun Choi on New Year’s...