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Leung Ping Kwan had very warm relationships with his friends. He liked talking with them over meals, yet “what was eaten was not important, but with whom, what films we watched, what we talked about; that's what made it memorable… The encounter with old friends, the occasional kindness of strangers, the meaningful conversations, all bring solace to a tired day.”

——Flavors of a Floating World, 2011

Leung Ping Kwan’s writing Artwork
At Chai Wan Cemetery on May 28 
Holly Lee: Hudson Chong
A Berlin Address – Storkwinkel 12 
Notes on Translation 
Love and Death in Vienna 
Leung Ping Kwan: Wolfgang Kubin
Mao Salad at the Paris China Club 
House in the Valley 
Leung Ping Kwan: John Minford and Rachel
On Yip Fai’s Book of Food 
Leung Ping Kwan: Poet and Critic Yip Fai
50 Gladstone Avenue 
A Child Who Likes Fishes 
Leung Ping Kwan: Sandrine and Merlin
Sinologist Göran Malmqvist (excerpt) 
Mr Liu Yichang, a Modern Novelis (excerpt) 
Mr Fox – Leo Lee Ou-fan (excerpt) 
Leung Ping Kwan: Mr Fox – Leo Lee Ou-fan


  • Holly Lee’s artwork: Hudson Chong

  • Anonymous artwork: Leung Ping Kwan and Gu Cheng...

  • David Clarke’s artwork: Poetry reading by Mart...

  • Leung Ping Kwan’s artwork: Wolfgang Kubin