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Images of Hong Kong

“In the early 70s, I have written a series of poems about Hong Kong. I tried to explore and portray the city I live in... The key issue is to continuously adjust our perspectives, and prevent new observations from becoming dated clichés. The city is constituted of different things and incidences, and affected by various factors. It's not just a symbol, an image. It's a loud, complicated text branching out on all directions. How do we read a city and write about it?"”

——‘Images of Hong Kong’, 1995

Leung Ping Kwan’s writing Artwork
Dexter Lee: Ladder Street
Naked Street 
Midday, Quarry Bay 
Donna Lok : Midday, Quarry Bay
Kuafu at Exchange Square 
An Old Colonial Building 
Images of Hong Kong 
Ladder Street 
Mui Cheuk Yin: Kikikoko
The 1960s for Me 
Postcards of Old Hong Kong 
New Reclaimed Land 
Leong Ka Tai: Duddell Street
New Territories 
Wong Kan Tai: Digging the Land
Old City Space 
Leung Ping Kwan: Old City Space
Leung Ping Kwan: Cityscape
Ghost Money 
City Alley 
Michael Wolf: Back Door #07
On the Road, a Wanderer 
Leung Mee Ping: Out of Place
City of Films 
Picking Green 
Winter Scene from Tai Mei Tuk 


  • Dexter Lee’s artwork: Ladder Street

  • Xiya’s artwork: Naked Street

  • Donna Lok’s artwork: Midday, Quarry Bay

  • Donna Lok’s artwork: Kuafu at Exchange Square