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“Between the study of poetics and daily chores… between failures and rejections, I have also searched for the things I respect and tried to write odes. Maybe this could be taken as the attempt of a modern man, in face of an era when odes have become impossible, to affirm the positive values of life.”

——‘On Odes’, 1995

Leung Ping Kwan’s writing Artwork
Thunderbolts and Cicada Chirps 
Chihoi: Wind
Mirror Lake 
Anwen Leung: Lake Encompassing
Ode to Roof Repair 
Thinking of a Poet: for Wu Xinghua 
Erfeng: Wu Xinghua
Ode to a Daoist in Del Mar 
Ode to the Sun Rising 
Leslie Thompson: My Local
Leung Ping Kwan: Bittermelon
Traveling with a Bitter Melon 
Matisse – Vence Chapel 


  • Anwen Leung’s artwork: The Bittermelon Underst...

  • Chihoi’s artwork: Wind

  • Anwen Leung’s artwork: Lake Encompassing

  • Erfeng’s artwork: Frank O’Hara