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Residence on Earth

Residence on Earth is the title of a book by Yasi's favorite Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Neruda wrote the first two volumes when he was ambassador to the Orient most of the time. The poems were full of surrealist images and wild imaginings. But in face of the sufferings of the East and his own sorrows, the poems were also filled with loneliness and desperation, anxiety and pain, blood and death. Is there a safe residence on earth?

Leung Ping Kwan’s writing Artwork
Listening to a Talk about the Cultural Revolution in San Diego 
In the Great Square 
Lee Ka Sing: The Square
Broken Home 
Still Life 
Holly Lee: Bowl
Story of the Wall 
Leung Ping Kwan: Story of the Wall
Residence on Earth 
Anonymous: From the Ruins
Bach of Leipzig 
Lee Ka Sing: Bach of Leipzig
Conference on Modern Chinese Poetry at Leiden 
Leung Ping Kwan: Small Town Leiden
Fourteen Chairs 
Freeman Lau: Fourteen Chairs


  • Anonymous artwork: Yuan Kejia in San Diego, 1979

  • Lee Ka Sing’s artwork: The Square

  • Lee Ka Sing’s artwork: On the Way Home. Lookin...

  • Lee Ka Sing’s artwork: On the Way Home. Lookin...