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Her Happiness is My Success

The ultimate pursuit of every fashion designer is to have their own haute couture collection: making use of the very best materials, craftsmanship, cutting and tailoring techniques, it represents the pinnacle of the art. Eddie Lau explains why he has a passion for creating haute couture: “When I see a lady wearing an outfit I have designed for her, weaving her way around a banquet and bringing to life the image I created for her to realise her personal dreams, her success and her happiness are my success and happiness, because I satisfied her needs.”

Eddie Lau’s greatest talent lies in creating simple yet elegant designs. He has produced many haute couture for celebrity clients and friends to wear at weddings and other important functions, and we have selected a number of these haute couture to display in the exhibition. Among the most noteworthy are those of Pak Suet-sin, who began inviting Eddie exclusively to design her evening dresses for major functions back in 1982. The designer, who would frequently accompany Pak to these events, understood the transcendent qualities of the Cantonese opera star and how to cater to the requirements of the event, and was thus able to create timeless pieces that not only pleased the wearer, but also attracted the non-stop flash of the cameras. Many of Eddie’s designs were specially made for Anita Mui to wear at publicity events and music and film award ceremonies, and they always reflected her grace and elegance. The finely designed, yet resplendent cocktail dresses for celebrities such as Eunice Lam and Michelle Yeoh are similarly refined and sophisticated. Whether they are Western-style evening gowns or modern variations on the cheongsam, they always feature exquisite details that are perfectly set off against the simplicity of the design, with the two elements combining to demonstrate the master designer’s flair for tailoring. Now we can explore the world of Eddie Lau’s classic designs at first hand.


  • Amber green strapless haute couture

  • Pak Suet Sin multi-coloured matte gold cheongsam

  • Anita Mui black velvet cheongsam

  • Michelle Yeoh low-cut gold and burgundy pleated...


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