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Hong Kong was at its peak in those years.

You may know my name, but you don't know my story. You may have heard about some of the things I did, but you won't know what I have experienced.

A happy early childhood, forced to step out into society at a tender age, learning the ways of the world without its mundanity numbing the soul. On my own, I pursued my ideals with a heart filled with sincerity, persistence, confidence and passion.

Every road is difficult, and you cannot impose upon destiny. Instead, you have to try your best at everything you do. Persist with what you believe to be correct and never complain about how life is not treating you well enough. In the process of growing up, you inevitably come under pressure and have to make a painstaking effort before you can develop your potential and understand how brilliant you can be. You have to be hard on yourself at times so that you can bring out your true potential to the full. You will finally win the applause you deserve in life.

In our lives, we tread our own path and suffer bitterness on our own; there is no way anyone else can help us. When we look up at the stars, we realise we have always endured hardship on our own and fended for ourselves in loneliness without flinching or trying to escape. If you choose love, love is everywhere in your life; if you choose to grow up, everything can grow up. You have chosen the world. No matter how difficult your work is, you must maintain your elegance and your positive attitude in order to find the wisdom for your dreams to come true.

Learn to treasure what you have before time teaches you the pain of losing your possessions. Life is a book: the cover is the gaieties of time; the chapters depict your joys and sorrows and changes over time; the content of the book is formed by your experiences in life; and finally, time is the binding agent for the book, and that is the best gift that time has to offer us.

Eddie Lau


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