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HKJC - A History of Hong Kong

The history of The Hong Kong Jockey Club reflects very much the history of Hong Kong. For over 125 years, in one way or another, it has touched everyone's life in Hong Kong. On a global basis, the Club has gained a renowned reputation in the international racing scene. In Hong Kong, the Club's charitable donations have benefited practically every one of us in some ways.

It is therefore very important for posterity to document the history of the Club in all forms of media. This will provide the Club with a definitive record of its past and give the people of Hong Kong a legacy of one of its most significant and revered institutions. The archives will be a resource to educate and enlighten future generations of Club employees as well as the general public, both locally and overseas.

About the Collection

Set up in 2003, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Archives has painstakingly centralised, catalogued and warehoused all available information of historical significance to the Club. This page compiled part of our archives collection. In the future, we will share many more fascinating historical pieces with the community.

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  • Happy Valley Racecourse, 1865

  • Happy Valley Racecourse, c. 1870

  • Happy Valley Racecourse, 1880

  • Grandstand at the Happy Valley Racecourse, c. 1...